New Republic Dress Uniform
Reference Pics:
X-wing: Rogue Squadron Comics
The Making of Baron Fel


This picture of Jek Porkins shows the red sash as not being attached to the blazer. Only one or two other comics show the sash like that.

This is the only picture I've found that shows Fleet Command's grey body stocking mentioned in Starfighters of Adumar. The turtleneck seems to be rather high.

Here, the red sash goes all the way to the bottom of the blazer in back. I'm not quite sure why Tycho, Hobbie and Wes tucked in the bottoms of their blazers in this scene.

We can see more of this version of the rank insignia here...

...And all of it here.

Finally, this is a good overall picture of this version of the dress uniform.

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