New Republic Dress Uniform
Reference Pics:
X-wing: Rogue Squadron Comics
Battleground: Tatooine

Of all the comics, the dress uniform had the most variations in Battleground: Tatooine. There were not only differences from other comics' depictions of the dress uniform, but there were also minor inconsistencies throughout this set of comics as well.

This shows the rank insignia as a uniform rectangle with a black border. Most other comics don't have a black border, and different parts of the rank insignia may be different widths. Also, notice that Wedge's red sash is going over a shoulder epaulet. More on this later on.

Here Tycho gives us our first good look at the stripes down the sides of the pants, a detail not shown in any other comic (the pants are solid black in every other source).

Notice here the red sash stops at the belt, both front and back.

Other views of the rank insignia and Wedge's shoulder epaulets.

. . . . . .

Here's another view of the striped pants and the sash stopping at the belt.

. . . . . .. . . . . . .

Back to the shoulder epaulets. In each of these three pictures, the red sash is underneath one. No other comics show an epaulet. Even Tycho (right picture) has them here, while he didn't in earlier pictures (above).

Now the red sash is going down to the bottom in back.

. . . .

Here Wedge shows us the "canon" weapon to go with the uniform. *g* Another view of red-sash-over-epaulets, rank insignia, striped pants and sash-stopping-at-belt.

. . . . .

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