Jayke Forsgren

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Callsign: Chopper

Name Pronunciation: JAAK FORZ-grenn

Squadron Designation:
Corona Three

Homeworld: Brentaal IV

Age (at time of Commencement): 20

Physical Description: Black crew cut, solid build, brown eyes

Biography: Chopper was born on Brentaal IV to a family living not much above the poverty line. His father blamed the Brentaal Houses and their Imperial overseers for the poor living conditions. Chopper has one older brother and one younger brother, and always had to fight for attention due to being the middle child. As a kid, he bullied other kids into giving him money, which was his only source of spending money and therefore had to be kept secret from his family so they wouldn't take it to pay bills. As he grew older, he began to realize how much he didn't like his life and the poor conditions, and he began getting in trouble along with his older brother to escape it.

When Chopper was 14, he teamed up with his older brother to rob a small convenience store in a bad part of town. Things went badly, and Chopper used his brother as a distraction for the cops to avoid getting caught himself. To this day, that whole event is still a blur to him, and he doesn't remember many details. His brother ended up getting caught and going to jail for that robbery. After that, his parents were a lot harder on Chopper and his younger brother, and his situation worsened. Before too long Chopper managed to leave the planet, first for the Sel Zonn Station in orbit, and then to other spaceports and transports. He drifted around, doing odd jobs here and there and mugging or robbing people when he couldn't find work, until he fell in with a group of Rebels. They promised him a life of blowing stuff up and getting back at the Imperials and lawmakers. Chopper took the opportunity and joined the Rebels when he was 18. His first couple of years with them were spent in training, in the brig, and bouncing around from squadron to squadron. Right after he turned 20, he was assigned to the Coronas. Shortly after that, Alderaan was destroyed. Though he'd never admit it to anyone, Alderaan's destruction made him take a step back and think about the purpose of the Rebellion and his role in it. Meeting his wingman Kalre also gave him more incentive to try to stay with the Coronas and not get shipped off somewhere else due to behavior problems.

Theme Song: "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins

Droid's Name: Fluke

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