A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a period of civil war. We know the main characters, the heroes, the villains.
But a war never involves just a handful of important people. There are always countless others on each side providing support for their leaders: technicians, mechanics, ground troops, intelligence officers, pilots, logisticians, procurement officials, medics, mess hall workers, instructors. Though often kept in the background in the Star Wars universe, without them there would be no Empire or Rebellion. This page is dedicated to one such group of no-names doing their own small part to restore freedom to the galaxy...

Corona Squadron is an X-wing squadron I created as part of my Star Wars RPG character's background. At first that was all it was--just a quick phrase scribbled on a character sheet; however, through a strange set of circumstances that phrase started becoming much more. These pesky pilots now take up a lot of my time, demanding to be given attention in stories and such.

Although I've created a whole squadron of fighter pilots, in the stories I focus primarily on my former RPG character (Darin Stanic) and his wingman. In my online Star Wars interactions, I generally have user id's relating to either Darin's callsign of Thumper (see Cracian Thumper, not Bambi-Thumper) or his squadron designation, Corona Nine.

These stories are posted for the enjoyment (hopefully) of those who stumble across them and take the time to read them. The Star Wars universe belongs to LucasFilm and Disney, and I'm not making any profit off of this (quite the opposite, really). I'll leave the big characters alone and just play in the corner of this amazing galaxy by myself, okay?

Corona Squadron

co ro na. n., pl. -nas or -nae. 1. The highest-temperature region of the Sun's outer atmosphere.
2. The only part of the Sun visible during a total eclipse. see HALO.

The Coronas are an X-wing starfighter squadron active in the time roughly between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth. There are no canon movie characters in the squadron, no relatives of canon characters, nothing like that--it's just a group of ordinary pilots working together to help the Rebellion. They have their own quirks, their own qualities and their own adventures, some of which are listed below.

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Most of these stories build on previous ones. While my hope is that they could be read independently of each other, there are some where something significant could be lost if the reader doesn't have the assumed background knowledge from another story. For that reason, I'm including a "Recommended Reading" field for those stories. I consider all of these stories to be rated a strong PG under the American movie rating system guidelines.

These are organized into different categories. This first group is my main storyline for Darin and the Coronas so far. The "Additional Stories" are my Star Wars fanfics that don't relate to the Coronas.

Some stories are notated as being "Essential OC Challenge" replies. On the Jedi Council Forums Fan Fiction Boards, I enjoy participating in the Essential OC (Original Character) thread. This thread has regularly scheduled challenges that are open to any story featuring original characters. Each challenge is different, and I've written numerous stories for them, each usually around 5-6 pages long.

The Corona stories are listed in roughly chronological order, though they've been written at very different times. Some stories have a very definite order, but most (especially challenge replies) are more general in their timing.

Constructive feedback on stories is most welcome, or even a note to say you read any of them. If you e-mail me, please put an appropriate subject line on the e-mail so I won't accidentally delete it as spam.


Pilot in Command
PDF document
Revision A (1-10-10) 5 pages
This explores a part of Darin's childhood. Darin is seven when his sister Shiori is born. A few weeks after she comes home for the first time, Darin is still having trouble adjusting to the newcomer to the household.

When Push Comes to Shove
PDF document
Revision A (1-10-10) 6 pages
Another look into Darin's past. Darin is twelve years old, and he'd give anything to make his five-year-old sister leave him alone. What happens with Shiori at a local park catches him by surprise.

Nothing Good in Goodbye

PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (5-14-13) 2 pages
This was an OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "The Worst Day of Your Life. Write about the worst day of a character's life. If the character has experienced more than one "worst day", pick the one that has impacted their life the most. The "worst day" doesn't have to be the standard tragic fare. It could be something that is really silly but awful to the character." This story shows us Mackin's worst day, when he had to leave his family because his squadron was being loaned to the Rebellion. This takes place before Commander Mackin's time with Corona Squadron.

Full Spectrum
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (6-5-22) 10 pages
This was an OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "OC Comfort Challenge. Your OC has been feeling under the weather (whether this is illness, injury or just being ill at ease is up to you) and needs a special something to make everything right again. This might be something that they have to get for themselves, or something provided by someone else, but whatever it is - it is the only thing that can put the world right and bring your OC back to their full health." In this story, Maptoo suspects something unusual is wrong with Slurry. It takes place shortly before Darin joins the squadron.

The Storm After the Calm
PDF document
Revision F  (9-16-12) 125 pages
Darin is now seventeen years old, and an Imperial invasion has turned his whole life upside-down and forcing changes on him that he never would have dreamed could happen. Though some significant events remain the same, Revision F has been completely rewritten from previous versions and tells what I hope is a more realistic (if considerably darker) story.

PDF document
Revision A (8-30-09) 3 pages
This was an OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "OC’s Need to Eat their Viggies to Get Big & Strong: Side story, background story, adventures in finding a restroom story… Tell a story about one of your current OC’s, give a little expose on your favorite, or not-so-favorite OC. No more than one post long!" I took this opportunity to delve a bit more into Lt. Weas's character, and this vignette takes place shortly before "Commencement" as he gets ready for Darin's arrival to the Coronas. (The forum HTML link is here for reference, but the story was truncated in a software change with the forum.)

PDF document
Revision G.1  (1-29-09) 39 pages
The events of "The Storm After the Calm" have led Darin to join the Rebellion and become an X-wing pilot, and he's now been assigned to Corona Squadron, his first X-wing combat squadron. Think of it as a television show's pilot episode (no pun intended): it introduces all the pilots as it follows eighteen-year-old Darin during his first days with the Coronas and on his very first combat mission. It takes place about two months after the Battle of Yavin.
I consider this to be a fairly stand-alone fic, and therefore it has been circulated to a few other places. I'm very pleased to say that Rev. G.1 of C'ement was a co-winner in the category of "Most Underrated" for the TF.N JCC Boards 2009 Saga Fanfiction Awards. A much earlier revision can be found in the fanfic section of EchoStation's Downtime, though EchoStation doesn't seem to exist anymore, unfortunately. (There's an even earlier version than that [like 2002] elsewhere, but it's one of my earliest writings and is kind of embarrassing for me to look at now.)
Pilot Roster, PDF document

Fleet Description
PDF document
Revision B (7-1-07) 5 pages
This is a small scene taken out of its overall context whose sole purpose is to describe the various ships in Crescent Star's fleet. It was meant to be incorporated into the story "Outside Looking In", but I decided it would be best if I only summarized this scene in there and left this extended version as a separate document. This detailed information is useful in subsequent stories, and I wanted to make it easily available. It takes place two days after "Commencement", or four days after Darin joined the Coronas.

Outside Looking In
PDF document
Revision A (7-21-08) 39 pages
Recommended Reading: Commencement
OLI starts two days after "Commencement" ends, and it completes most of the introductory information started in "Commencement". Darin has to learn how to adjust to his new lifestyle with the Coronas onboard Crescent Star while the events from his first combat mission are still fresh in his mind. (Revision B will have the above Fleet Description reintegrated into this story.)
Deleted Scenes, PDF document
Pilot Roster, PDF document

"No Good Reason". OLI sequel, in-work. See "Projects" section.

Aspect Ratio
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (9-8-21) 6 pages
This was an entry for the "Dead Poets' Society Quote Challenge" on the JC Fanfic Boards. The challenge was to write a fic inspired by a roulette quote. My assigned quote was, "You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all." Events in "No Good Reason" cause Darin to ask to transfer out of the squadron, which Weas refuses. This vignette has Darin trying to find his place in a squadron he doesn't feel he belongs in.

How to Handle Yourself
Word document
Revision C (5-29-04) 9 pages
This is meant to be a lighter piece. A few weeks after he joins the squadron, Darin at last gets his callsign. (The beginning will be rewritten to match the Prologue of Revision B of "Metal Coils".)
Pilot Roster, PDF document

Metal Coils
PDF document
Revision B (1-17-10) 61 pages
This takes place a week after "Handle." Feuding astromechs, a series of computer glitches, and rookie mistakes complicate Darin's life in his new squadron. (The forum HTML link is here for reference, but the story posts were truncated in a software change with the forum.)
Pilot Roster, PDF document

PDF document
Revision A (6-30-08) 6 pages
This was an Essential OC challenge entry. The challenge was, "You can't bring me down! Let your character be happy and satisfied for a change. Then, make the worst happen, but, as the challenge states, for whichever reasons it does not bring him down. He's still happy after all is said and done. We can't bring them down, but it won't be for lack of trying." This takes place about two months after Darin joins the Coronas, and while it doesn't compare to the bad stuff I put him through before he joined the Rebellion, Darin is still the victim in this story. Quiver persuades him to participate in a prank on a squadmate. (The forum HTML link is here for reference, but the story post was truncated in a software change with the forum.)

PDF document
Revision A (5-10-03) 6 pages
Another light piece that takes place when Darin is still pretty new to the squadron. Quiver and CC force Darin into taking a thumper ride while they're on R&R.

PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (1-3-21) 5 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "A situation where an OC encounters an unknown species for the first time. This can be sapient or non-sapient, and it need not be an actual new to the GFFA species, just one the character personally knows nothing about." This particular story is more of a slice-of-life. A young Anx meets Darin on a Rebel safeworld.

PDF document
Revision A (12-21-07) 6 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "Hero Worship! Everyone looks up to someone, and your OC gets the chance to take a closer look at his/her hero. Does the hero measure up? Does your OC notice if s/he doesn't? Does your OC turn into a creepy stalker? Inquiring minds want to know." I didn't stick very closely to the challenge's intent, but the basics are there. My summary for this story featuring the Mackins is, "A military family deals with a member's secret deployment in different ways. Introspective piece." (Truncated forum post with poorly converted formatting is here for reference.)

Stuck with You
HTML link
Revision A (7-4-20) 18 pages
This is my collection of stories for the 2020 TFN Fanfic Olympics starring Darin and Quiver. I participated in the decathlon, which was comprised of ten different events. Most are short vignettes, and all are included in the forum post. The timeline varies for each vignette, though most take place in the general time between "Commencement" and "Solid Ground." The AU entry takes place immediate after (the as-yet-unposted) story "No Good Reason," and the Fantastical entry is not strictly Corona-canon but takes place years after Ground (and several years after ROTJ).

PDF document
Revision A (12-20-09) 4 pages
A Trio vignette highlighting one evening when they have a bit too much to drink at the Bacta Tank. It will be helpful for a reader to already know very basic background info of the Coronas as there is no introductory information in this story.

Hard Time
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (6-16-16) 4 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "Write about a character who is normally always busy doing nothing (i.e. something that is essential for daily survival but not life-altering; ex. Doing laundry). This can be a brief moment of downtime during an otherwise busy day, or someone who is undergoing a long period of inactivity. The writer can decide if their character is happy/unhappy with this state." Quiver and Darin are stuck in the brig, and Quiver has to figure out how to entertain himself.

In All Probability
PDF document
Revision A (3-6-07) 3 pages
This was an Essential OC challenge entry. The challenge reads, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Create a scenario that puts one or more of your OCs into a situation in which a choice must be made between two options. The options are mutually exclusive, and either choice would produce an undesirable outcome for the OC(s)." Botch gets the limelight in this story when he has to save Darin during a dogfight. (Truncated forum post for reference is here.)

Reaching Conclusions
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (2-24-22) 23 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge, "Music Makes My Heart Sing," is as follows: "Find a song that symbolises your original characters and use it to inspire a story. The story can be happy, sad, tragic or even romantic, it's up to you and the inspiration you get from the song you've chosen." The song that inspired this story is "All My Friends Say" by Luke Bryan. The song is a fairly upbeat, lighthearted one about someone who couldn't remember what they did while drunk, and his friends tell him all about it. The idea behind it is such a perfect Quiver song, so I started writing a similarly upbeat, lighthearted story... until about six paragraphs in when Darin unexpectedly made the whole thing do a 180. It's not quite so lighthearted anymore. A drunken night leads to a rift between friends.

"Untitled". Story taking place ~5 months after "Commencement". In-work. See "Projects" section.

Night Vision
PDF document
Revision A (10-15-07) 4 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "When you’re a child anything can make you happy: ice cream, a trip to the grocery store, running with scissors. For adults it’s a bit more complicated. With stress and worries beating down on you, it takes something really exciting to cause that happy, giddy, lighter-than-air, run around and break stuff happiness. So lock up the good china, and give your adult OC something to smile about." I actually had to be nice to my characters. In this story, Darin copes with job burnout. (Truncated forum post is here for reference.)

Searching and Finding
PDF document
Revision A (8-5-03) 42 pages
Admittedly an experiment in writing on my part, but one I had fun with nonetheless. This takes place about six months after "Commencement". On a Rebel world, the Coronas help look for an Imperial pilot who was shot down. This story is told in nothing but first-person point-of-view, which may either make it horribly confusing to readers or somewhat more interesting. If you read it, let me know which it is. This story will be rewritten in the future, though the basic plot will likely remain the same.
Pilot Roster, PDF document

No Going Back
PDF document
Revision A (8-12-04) 69 pages
Recommended Reading: Searching and Finding
This story takes place a month after "Searching and Finding". The Coronas spend some time on a Rebel safeworld, and Darin and one other character must reexamine their relationships between their family and their squadmates. This is a very character-driven story.
Pilot Roster, PDF document

Behind the Line
PDF document
Revision A (2-10-07) 6 pages
This was an Essential OC Challenge entry. The challenge: "'Everyone has a price.' Does the old saying hold true for your OC? Offer them a bribe to do something that they would otherwise find reprehensible, and let us all find out! And remember, often a person's 'price' has nothing to do with money..." The summary for my entry is simply that not every Rebel is a good guy. Lt. Pellicer is the main character. I wrote and posted this story within 24 hours because I was quickly approaching the challenge deadline, and there are lots of rough spots and hiccups that I'd love to fix now. (Truncated forum post is here for reference.)

Taking Notice
HTML link
Revision A (11-3-19) 12 pages
This was an entry for the TFN Moderators' Time Challenge, 72-hours edition. In this challenge, the fanfic moderators would provide several unique prompts to the author, and the author then had a certain amount of time to write and post a story using those prompts. The 72 hours version was the longest time period but also had the highest number of prompts to include. The prompts are shown in the beginning of the story thread. In this story, Sonic (Quiver's astromech) tries to connect with Quiver while on a mission. It's largely told from Sonic's point of view.

These Things Will Change
HTML link
Revision A (1-13-22) 27 pages
This was my entry for the TFN Fanfic Boards Kessel Run Challenge. This challenge ran for 12 consecutive weeks. Each week, the participants would be given a prompt, and the authors would then have one week to write and post a story using that prompt. There were ten weekly prompts and one long prompt that accounted for two weeks. Without knowing what any of the prompts would be, I decided to try to write a cohesive Corona story, start to finish, while using each week to focus on a different pilot and then using the long prompt at the end as an ensemble squadfic. This is my result. The prompt for each week is shown at the beginning of that week's post. The Coronas prepare to defend a civilian colony world against an impending Imperial attack.

Solid Ground
PDF document
Revision C (4-19-12) 139 pages
This takes place about eight months after "Commencement". The Imperials set a trap for the Rebels on an isolated colony world, which strands the Coronas on the planet while the Imperials hunt for them. I posted Revision A (9/04, 71 pages) on the JC Forums as a stand-alone story, where it was also reviewed in the Fan Fiction Newsletter in March 2004. The forum HTML link for Rev. C is here for reference, but the story posts were truncated in a software change with the forum. Ground is the beginning of a plot arc during that particular stretch of time and is my favorite story. If a person was to only read one story of mine ever, this is the one I would ask him or her to read. NOTE: Revision C is considerably different (and, in my opinion, much better) in some areas from Revs. A or B.
Pilot Roster, PDF document

Muddy Waters
PDF Document
Revision A (3-26-07) 67 pages
Recommended Reading: Solid Ground
Waters is the direct sequel to "Solid Ground", and its Prologue begins on the night of the Epilogue in Ground (Rev. B/C). The Coronas must deal with the aftermath and consequences of the events on Lokinha, both at a personal level and at higher, more official levels. I've removed the links to Rev. A since Waters will be going into an overhaul now to accommodate the changes made to Rev. C of "Solid Ground" that waterfall down. I'm not sure when Rev. B of Waters will be finished.

"Going to Pieces", sequel to "Muddy Waters" and story arc continuation. In-work. See "Projects" section.

Additional Stories (featuring non-Corona characters)

Pilot Characters

The Way
PDF document
Revision A (6-17-08) 79 pages
This may tie in with my Corona stories on a tangent down the road. It's a story about an Imperial TIE Pilot stationed on Craci IV after the Imperial occupation and the life-changing event he experiences. This is part of the "OC Project" in the Essential Guide to OCs thread on the TF.N boards. Special Features (including the aim of the OC Project, the creation of this story, outtakes and more) can be found on the last page of the offsite HTML link. While it didn't win, this story was nominated for Best Drama and Best Male Original Character (Chase Barton) in the Summer 2008 Saga Era Fanfic Awards on the TF.N boards. (Truncated forum thread is here for reference.)

All I Want
PDF document
Revision A (4-8-04) 3 pages
This was my entry in response to the JC Fan Fiction Boards Valentine's Day Love Letter Challenge. One of the Quakes is featured here. The challenge was as follows: "Write a love letter written to someone or a story about a love letter. The word limit is 2000 words and your story must be one-post." This takes place sometime before "Solid Ground".

Two Sides
PDF document
Revision A (1-30-11) 3 pages
Here's my response for the JC Fan Fiction Boards Downtime Pilot thread's Challenge #2, "Memorial". It takes place shortly before ESB, immediately after the Battle of Derra IV, and it is about Luke, Rogue Flight, Soontir Fel and the 181st Fighter Group. (Truncated forum thread is here for reference.)

Up in Flames
PDF document
HTML link
Revision Basic (12-31-13) 42 pages
After his parents' deaths on the Gus Treta station, young Wedge Antilles tries to find a new direction in life. This story focuses on Wedge but includes Booster Terrik and Mirax Terrik. It's my entry for the JC Fan Fiction Boards' 2013 Dear Diary Challenge, and as such is written in a first-person POV diary format. It was updated twice a month and was completed in December 2013. In the JC Fanfic Boards' Winter 2014 awards, it was nominated for Best Canon story and Best Canon Character Interpretation for Wedge.

Seven Seconds
HTML link
Revision A (8-17-19) 6 pages
This was an entry for the TFN Moderators' Time Challenge, 48-hours edition. In this challenge, the fanfic moderators would provide several unique prompts to the author, and the author then had a certain amount of time to write and post a story using those prompts. The prompts are shown in the beginning of the story thread. In this story, a Rebel A-wing pilot is sent on a courier mission to a blockaded planet.

Rocks and Hard Places
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (1-17-22) 5 pages
This is my response to an Essential OC challenge, which is as follows: "The challenge is simple, the weather must play a significant part in your OC(s) story. Whether it be the blazing hot sun, deep cold snow drifts, or pelting rain - the weather must be a key feature that the OCs need to deal with." A Rebel pilot crash-lands on a world with unexpected weather phenomena and inhabitants.

HTML link
Revision A (3-8-22) 11 pages
This is a collection of stories for the 2022 TFN Fanfic Winter Olympics featuring Myn Donos, created by Aaron Allston in the Wraith Squadron series. For this, I participated in the pentathlon, which was comprised of five different events. The vignettes take place in chronological order starting with Myn's time as a sniper and ending during the events of the first Wraith Squadron novel.

Fleet Troopers/Commandos/Ground Personnel

Last Line
PDF document
Revision A (8-12-10) 2 pages
This is a short vignette focusing on a Rebel Fleet Trooper on the Tantive IV during the battle in ANH.

Half the Battle
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (7-3-15) 10 pages
This is a response to an Essential OC Challenge, which was as follows: "Your character experiences walking in somebody else's shoes. You may interpret that in any way you like: they can fill in for somebody at work, read somebody's mind...or pretty much anything in between!" A Rebel fleet trooper's attempt to avoid making another fatal mistake causes complications with his new team.

Acquisition Cost
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (10-4-20) 29 pages
This is a response to an Essential OC Challenge,"First-Line Edition," where the author was given a sentence to start their story with. My assigned sentence was "He could hear everything, but dared not open his eyes." A Gotal Rebel procurement specialist needs to obtain some unusual items for a mission.

Comes with the Territory
HTML link
Revision A (8-8-21) 9 pages
This is a collection of stories for the 2021 TFN Fanfic Summer Olympics. The characters are a group of mostly non-human New Republic soldiers called the AT-STs, or "All-Terrain Sneaking Troops," and it takes place during the early ST era, prior to TFA. For this, I participated in the pentathlon, which was comprised of five different events. All are stand-alone vignettes, and all are included in the forum post.

PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (3-5-20) 5 pages
This is a response to an Essential OC Challenge, "Search Your Feelings." My assigned emotion was "Desperation." The characters are the AT-STs, as with the above story "Comes with the Territory". "Erosion" was written before "Territory" but takes place after it, during TFA. Four New Republic soldiers try to escape a hostile world.

Other Characters

PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (1-12-21) 25 pages
This is my 2021 TFN Fanfic "Dear Diary" Challenge entry, half-year, in which an author writes a story in the format of a diary or journal for a half year or full year. This focuses on Hallis Saper, a Legends EU character introduced in Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston, and follows her through her sludgenews reporter days prior to the events in Adumar.

Diplomatic Mission
HTML link
Revision A (7-12-21) 7 pages
This is a collection of stories for the 2021 TFN Fanfic Summer Olympics starring Captain Raymus Antilles. For this, I participated in the pentathlon, which was comprised of five different events. All are stand-alone vignettes, and all are included in the forum post. The timeline varies for each vignette.

Going Within, Going Without
PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (7-23-21) 42 pages
This is my response for the TFN Fanfic Xenobiology Challenge, where the author was to write a story with an assigned, little-used alien species. My assigned species was the Revwien, which are sentient plant beings. This story is very different from what I usually write and is far from being in my wheelhouse. It takes place a few years before TPM. When a Revwien has the opportunity to pursue her dream, complications arise for her and her best friend.

Root and Weed
PDF document
Revision A (8-5-07) 6 pages
This is my response for an Essential OC Challenge. The challenge reads, "More Than Meets The Eye... Your OC is about to make a shocking discovery. The object/person/droid they have seen everyday for years is going to turn out to be something very different from first impressions. Is their fiance actually an underworld hitman? Is their hairy, burly partner in crime really a ballet dancer? Is their airspeeder really a 40-foot robot? Whatever the case may be, will your OC like this sudden change...or will they hate it?" Here, a scientist learns a secret about something he cares about. This takes place on Treminal III, Mackin's homeworld. The main character, Milin Ba'hon, was nominated for Best Non-Human in the 2008 Saga Era Fanfic Awards on the TF.N boards. (Truncated forum thread is here for reference.)

Rendezvous Point
PDF document
Revision A (2-23-09) 6 pages
I could very well be the only person weird enough to write a character study story about a tauntaun. The challenge: "SNOW WARS: The Bitter Cold of Battle; Inspired by Thorny’s love for The Empire Strikes Back. Have an OC participate in the Battle of Hoth, or some other similar snowy battlefield, it can be canon or one of your own creations. FYI: Thorn didn't specify if your OC had to be a combatant, or that they belonged to either side; so let's leave that one open to interpretation." Summary: A tauntaun’s life is changed by the Battle of Hoth. (Truncated forum thread is here for reference.)

PDF document
HTML link
Revision A (7-31-22) 7 pages
This is my response for an Essential OC Challenge. The challenge is "Finding Your Path. Your OC makes a decision about their path in life." Parts of this story take place in approximately 7 BBY and 64 ABY. A Mon Calamari's fear leads to difficulties with her daughter.


Information on each of the Corona Squadron pilots can be found on these pages. Includes portraits (if available), biographical information, name pronunciations and a bit more. (Note: the theme songs are not Star Wars galaxy (in-character) theme songs. They're contemporary songs that I myself associate with each pilot.)

Quentell Mackin
Ikoa Fyndcap
Chopper Forsgren
Kalre Unatel
Maptoo Moog
Shaun Pellicer
Chryse Cerac
Steen Weas
Darin Stanic
Quiver Yanilr


This page has information on some of the important planets I use in the stories, as well as a note regarding my approach to canon relating to Craci IV in light of the release of The Essential Atlas.

Pictures and Playlists

This page contains sketches, photographs, and music titles associated with Corona Squadron.

Completed individual portrait sketches like the one of Darin to the left are on that pilot's bio page, found above.

Current and Future "Front Burner" Projects

* In-work: "No Good Reason", the next sequential story after "Outside Looking In". 10% complete as of  5/14/22

* In-work: New revision (B) of "Muddy Waters". 90% complete as of 5/14/22

* On hold: "Going to Pieces", a "Muddy Waters" sequel and continuation of the Ground/Waters story arc. This was my (winning) project for NaNoWriMo (username chrononaut67). 60% complete as of 5/14/22. On hold until new rev of Muddy Waters is finished.

* On hold: "Trip Around the Sun", a story about Mackin in his pre- and early Rebellion timeframe. This was my project for the 2009 NaNoWriMo. 20% complete as of 5/14/22.

* On partial hold: "Evasive Maneuvers", a story with a droid focus on the first small mission Darin's personally in charge of. This was my project for the 2011 NaNo. 5% complete as of 5/14/22.

* On hold: Untitled story set five months after "Commencement".  25% complete.

* Future Project: New revision (B) of "Searching and Finding".

* Future Project: New revision (D) of "How to Handle Yourself".

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"So we've been outnumbered / raided and now cornered. / It's hard to fight when the fight ain't fair. / We're getting stronger now / find things they never found. / They might be bigger / but we're faster and never scared. / You can walk away, say we don't need this / but there's something in your eyes says we can beat this. / Because these things will change. / Can you feel it now? / These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down. / This revolution, the time will come / for us to finally win. / We sing hallelujah, we sing hallelujah. / Tonight we'll stand, get off our knees / fight for what we've worked for all these years. / And the battle was long, it's the fight of our lives..." - Taylor Swift, "Change"

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