Quentell Mackin

Portrait not available

Callsign: Mack

Name Pronunciation: QUENN-tell MACK-in

Squadron Designation:
Corona One / Corona Lead (Coronas' commanding officer)

Homeworld: Treminal III

Age (at time of Commencement): 27

Physical Description: Short black hair, blue eyes, stocky build

Biography: Mack is career military: he entered a military academy on his homeworld right out of school and eventually flew Z-95's in Bluehill Squadron there before the squadron was loaned to the Rebellion by Treminal III's leadership in secret support of the Alliance. When the loan period was over, the Rebellion was still desperate enough for pilots that it was arranged for some of the borrowed Treminal pilots, including Mackin, to stay on for a regular tour of duty. Shortly after that, Mackin was assigned to Corona Squadron where rampant attrition soon made him the commanding officer. He has a wife and a daughter back home. According to him, his biggest time-consuming activities are 1) keeping his pilots out of trouble, 2) paperwork and 3) horticulture.

Theme Song: "She Thinks She Needs Me" by Andy Griggs

Droid's Name: Bluehill

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