Steen Weas

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Callsign: Snubber

Name Pronunciation: STEEN WEE-ess

Squadron Designation:
Corona Eight (Coronas' executive officer)

Homeworld: Plonia V

Age (at time of Commencement): 25

Physical Description: Medium-length brown hair (short in back, bangs in front), brown eyes

Biography: Steen's parents, both Corellians, moved to Plonia V before he was born in an attempt to find less competition for their freight and transport flights than there was on Corellia. Steen was born on Plonia V but spent as much, if not more, time on his parents' ship growing up than on the planet. Once he was old enough to start pulling his own weight when he came along on flights, he was expected to do so, and the majority of his schooling was handled by his parents. Steen rarely interacted with kids his own age. He soon grew into a very capable pilot with a very strong independent streak. After a few years of general higher education studies on Plonia V, Steen decided to enter an Imperial academy to pursure flying as a career and to perfect his flying skills. However, his first and only year at the academy was a disaster, as he despised the treatment he was given as a first-year student by the upperclassmen and the teachers alike. The more he fought back, the worse it became and the more marks he got on his record. After one particularly bad encounter landed him in a holding cell for a couple of days, he was dishonorably discharged. He hid that fact from his parents for as long as he could.

Finding employment after his expulsion was next to impossible. Steen at last got a low-paying job flying a small passenger spaceliner for a commuter line on their low-traffic route. He hated
it, and it just got worse when Rebel activity near his route began to scare away the few remaining passengers. The commuter line notified him they'd be shutting down that route and laying him off. On one of his last flights, one of his passengers was an undercover Rebel named Quentell Mackin. The Imperials traced Mackin to that transport, causing a large problem for Steen and the rest of the passengers. However, Steen was instantly impressed with how Mackin let Steen make his own decisions and didn't try to boss him around. He helped Mackin get away, and soon afterward, Steen was laid off. He contacted Mackin, and with his help Steen got through Alliance training and was assigned to the Coronas at Mackin's request.

Theme Song: (Still under some debate. Closest right now is "She Don't Tell Me To" by Montgomery Gentry)

Droid's Name: Glorified Hydrospanner (Glory or Spanner for short)

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