Important Planetary Systems
in the Corona Squadron Stories

Craci IV

** NOTE: In August 2009, the book Star Wars: The Essential Atlas was released. I was thrilled to see that they included the Craci System in the Corporate Sector chapter and that they even put it on the outskirts of the Sector like the earlier West End Games sources had done. However, I was less thrilled to see that they had added previously-unknown details about the Craci System in the Essential Atlas writeup. I try very hard to make sure my setting is as canon-compliant as possible (and before anyone says anything, yes, I had a plausible and canon-workable reason for the Empire's presence in the Craci System despite their being in the Corporate Sector), but these new details about the Craci System mean that my background for the Imperial occupation of that system could never happen. I can't change Darin's homeworld or his reasons for joining the Rebellion without fundamentally and totally changing his character. That means my two options are 1) change my stories to match the new information in the Atlas and keep it as canon as possible, or 2) ignore the new information and keep things in the Craci System the way I've developed them on my own for the past literally eight years before the Atlas was published. Since Option 1 essentially boils down to scrapping just about everything I've written for the sole reason of trying to "stay canon", I've decided to go with Option 2. I'm sure this seems trivial to some people, but it was an important decision for me and one I did not make lightly because either choice has ramifications. So what I'm trying to say in this whole long paragraph is that my Craci System does not match the Craci System in the Essential Atlas. **

Craci Four is Darin's homeworld and makes its largest appearance in "The Storm After the Calm" (and another large appearance in "The Way"). The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook for West End Games has a listing for Cracian Thumpers, and for me that was the origin of the Craci System. I made up a brief history and culture for the world of Craci Four, and if I ever get it written up in a legible format then I'll post it here. But until then, "Storm", "The Way" and the following planetary stats will have to do. Yes, the planetary scientist in me actually sat down one day and calculated these planetary properties. Blame my professors. (Note: these are not "canon" stats.)
Planetary Stats
Word document
Revision A (1-15-02)

Donri is one of the most popular sports on Craci IV. A small information page can be found here. I have big plans for that little page and intend to give as comprehensive an account of the game and its rules as I can, but all that is in the ever-elusive future. Right now the only thing on the page is a picture of a 4" model I customized into Darin in his donri gear.

Treminal III

Treminal III is an original planet serving as Mackin's homeworld. I don't have much written out for it yet, but I have a lot developed and planned for it. "Root and Weed" and "In-Dependence" are both set on that planet, and "Trip Around the Sun" will explore it a lot more if I ever finish that story.

More history and info on other major planets I work with should be coming eventually.

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