Archive of Updates to the Site

9/29/11. Uploaded the RTF format document of Rev. C of "Solid Ground".

6/27/11. Uploaded a portrait sketch of Maptoo to his bio page.

4/8/11. Uploaded April 8th version of Corona Blurb Anthology.

3/20/11. Redid "Front Burner Projects" section. Added placeholder for Corona Blurb Anthology, to be uploaded soon.

2/19/11. Uploaded offsite link to "Two Sides". Uploaded a sketch of Botch I'd apparently forgotten about. Updated some of the descriptions regarding "Solid Ground" and "Muddy Waters".

1/5/11. Uploaded "Last Line".

1/1/11. Uploaded a story timeline. Uploaded RTF document of "Metal Coils". Posted offsite HTML link for new Rev. C of "Solid Ground". Cleaned up some of the summaries and explanations on this page.

9/14/10. Uploaded my redone sketch of the Trio to the Pictures and Playlists page. Updated statuses of several in-progress stories.

1/10/10. Uploaded two new vignettes, "Pilot in Command" and "When Push Comes to Shove". Reorganized and cleaned up this page a bit. Put the planetary information and pictures on separate pages. Uploaded a sketch of Lt. Troy from "Muddy Waters" and a sketch of Mackin and his family to the new "Pictures and Playlists" page.

12/20/09. Uploaded the Word document and HTML versions of a new vignette, "Permanently".

10/31/09. Posted a much better sketch of Ikoa on her bio page.

9/13/09. Added an offsite link to my newest posted vignette, "Adamantine".

8/23/09. Added information about the award "Commencement" co-won. Added a name pronunciation guide to each of the pilot bio pages. Added a note in the Planets section about the impact of the Essential Atlas on my stories and the Craci System in particular.

7/7/09. Finished a sketch of Kalre, and in trying to upload it I realized I hadn't done his biography page. oops. The basic basics are there, and I'll work on fleshing the rest out soon. But anyway, that's there along with his portrait. I'm working on Rev. C of "Solid Ground" for a special purpose. I also did a sketch of Lt. Troy (a character from "Muddy Waters") but don't really know where to upload it yet.

5/8/09. Finally uploaded the Word document of the G.1 Revision of "Commencement". Now the story in the HTML link matches the one in the Word doc. Yay. I finished the below-mentioned sketch of Mackin, but I still need to upload it. Just when I think I'm making good progress on "Going to Pieces", something else goes wrong with it. pfft.

4/14/09. Added an offsite link to my newest vignette, "Rendezvous Point." No Coronas were harmed in the making of that story. I need to upload the G.1 Revision Word doc of "Commencement" so the Word doc matches the HTML linked version. My new goal is to get a photograph of the road sign for Quiver Lane I discovered on the northwest side of Houston. I've almost finished a scene sketch of Mackin (different from the Feb. 8 portrait), but I still have to think about the best way to add it here.

2/8/09. Added a sketch of Mackin to his bio page. It still has lots of room for improvement (I think his eyes might be too small), but it's much, much better than the one that had been up there a while ago. I realized too late that I forgot something on his flight suit too. I'll try again when I find a better reference picture.

1/29/09. Added an offsite HTML link for Rev. G of Commencement. Updated a couple minor details on the Author page.

1/4/09. Added TIS banner. Did some general page tidying-up.

10/31/08. Updated the Current Projects section. Figured it would be a good idea to include a mention of the story ratings, so I put that in the overall Story header. I also intend to write a basic timeline showing when stories take place in relation to each other and maybe some other events, but I'm not sure how to do that yet. That will be a project for December, after I'm done with NaNo.

8/24/08. I completed and posted two more sketches. One is CC's portrait, found on her bio page (which also has some updated text). The other is a sketch of the Trio together. I'm extremely happy with the Trio sketch. A small version and a link to a bigger version can be found above. I'm still experimenting with the best way to scan or otherwise electronically capture the sketches, so some tweaks may be coming on that front in the future.

8/5/08. I finished a portrait sketch of Quiver I'm really happy with. That can be found on his bio page, and I smoothed out the text there too. The new final version of "Commencement" is also uploaded as a Word file. I added a new archive page showing earlier site updates below. I split up the "Solid Ground" and "Muddy Waters" HTML files into smaller groups of chapters. I'm planning on doing the same for "No Going Back" as well.

7/21/08. Finally got caught up on some of my huge to-do list around here! All full-length stories should now have both a Word document and an HTML document either uploaded or linked. The shorter challenge entries will not have a separate Word document in most cases and will continue to be linked offsite. I have to figure out how to better organize the listing of challenge entries on this page, since some don't have a specific spot in the timeline, and therefore it'll be hard to put them in chronological order. While I do consider them "Corona canon", I don't really want to put them in the big main story listing for some reason, so they'll stay in the "Additional Stories" section for now.
My latest challenge entry "Turnaround" now has the info and link available to it. The latest tweaked version of "Outside Looking In" is uploaded. I also uploaded the remaining pilot biographies. The complete Word document for "The Way" is now available. Some insignificant formatting tweaks were done to a couple of files. The multimedia section is still in-work, since that's a big project for me with lots of links going everywhere that I have to coordinate. I also scrubbed the Links page (link found below) and included some personal favorite fanfic sites there as well.

7/9/08. Yes, after seven years, I finally have full bios actually written down of all the Coronas. I'm working on posting them here and expanding the ones that had been posted previously. Darin's bio page now has a sketch of him that I am very, very proud of. After many years and numerous attempts, I finally was able to capture on paper what I think he looks like. I also updated a few statuses and removed "Reincarnations". I hope to get some major work done on this page over the next week or so, including uploading all missing files and adding the info for "Turnaround".

Added two new pictures to the Corona-related places and items page. Added latest sketch of Darin. Contemplated taking the assortment of drawing-type stuff and putting it on its own page.

2/25/08. Added Word document of new revision of "Commencement". I still need to tweak it a bit and finalize it, but I wanted to get it up now because I'm not sure how much longer it'll be before I consider that "done" due to my current work on "The Way". Added offsite link to "The Way".

1/13/08. Added description of and link to latest challenge entry, "In-Dependence." Revised ECD of new revision of C'ement: the story is fully written, but I have to do a bit of editing and some integration checks within it and with OLI.

11/3/07. Added description of and link to latest vignette written as a challenge entry, "Night Vision." Added a couple new photos on the Corona Pictures page (page two). Revised ECD of new revision of "Commencement".

9/3/07. Posted slightly revised version of "Outside Looking In". Posted another vignette, "Root and Weed." Again lamented the lack of progress on all the things I want to do with this site and add to it but lately have not had the chance to sit down and do. Still not too happy with the CC portrait, which means I probably won't be posting the one I did and will instead be redoing it sometime down the road.

7/1/07. Posted "Outside Looking In" (Word document) along with OLI deleted scenes, new revision of Fleet Description (Word document, removed old HTML document), and "Behind the Line" (offsite HTML link). Will add HTML files for OLI, Fleet Description and Waters at a future time, along with Word docs for BtL and Probability. Portrait of CC will not be posted before mid-July. Decided to concentrate on finishing earlier stories and not jump around the story timeline like I've been doing for the last however many years. Told myself to hurry up and finish the rest of the pilot bio pages.

3/26/07. Posted "Muddy Waters" (Word document) and "In All Probability" (offsite HTML link). Will add Waters HTML and Probability Word doc at a future time, along with a better summary for Waters. Added sketch of Darin on his bio page. Added Anime-style picture of the characters. Contemplated turning the Picture section into more of a multimedia section and including more songs and possibly "DVD Features" in addition to the pictures (not actual video [though I wish!!], just little written featurettes and such). Still contemplating that.

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