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This page has (or will have) multimedia-types of features relating to Corona Squadron. This includes sketches, photographs, and music I associate with characters or stories.


I'm a visual person, and pictures help me get things straight in my head before I try to write them out. Sometimes I even convince myself that I can draw, which just leads to chaos. Anyway, here are some pictures associated with the Coronas. My goal is to one day have individual portrait sketches of every squadron member. (Completed individual portrait sketches are on that pilot's bio page, found here.)

The Trio

The Squadron, Anime style

Photographs from my trips to Corona, California, and other Corona-related places and items  (updated April 2008)

Link to pictures of a 4" tall Christmas ornament I customized into Darin playing donri

Darin, ink and watercolor

A bigger version of the picture at left. The Trio together, pencil
(left to right: CC, Quiver, Darin)

Botch, ink and colored pencil

Sketch of Lt. Bren Troy, a Rebel commando from "Muddy Waters"

Sketch of Mackin and his family, "Homecoming". A quick visit home while on R&R.

A bigger version of the sketch below (left), "Lost in Work", Darin on his X-wing with Botch, pencil.

Darin's helmet design. And mine.


Coming soon!

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