Star Wars Celebration III
April 21-24, 2005
Indianapolis, Indiana

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One wrap-around of the entrance line on Thursday.

A second wrap-around of the same line.

Yet another wrap-around of that line. And I don't even have photos of the rest of the line ahead of this, which went down the block, turned the corner and went another block to the doors.

While we were waiting in line to get in, the Imperials amused themselves by taking prisoners off the Tantive IV.


Once we finally got in, the first room we went in contained an item that made the entire wait worth it. I spent quite a bit of time obsessing over this 3/4 scale X-wing.

Another picture of the coolest thing ever. The insides of the engines even glowed red.

That's me (on the right) being entirely too happy.

Yes, I'm still too happy.

My favorite picture from the entire convention.

A cool Kit Fisto costume.

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