Star Wars Celebration III
April 21-24, 2005
Indianapolis, Indiana

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A graffiti-ed AT-AT from a New York fan club.


A shadow box containing a bunch of Star Wars origami. Next to this is an origami Naboo Starfighter made from a 20-foot square piece of paper.

Origami Jabba the Hutt, also from a 20' piece of paper. He stood a few feet tall.

Origami Jedi Starfighter, another that originated from the 20' paper. The tripod in the background gives some sense of scale.

People helping to fold the lifesize origami figures.

A van in the parking lot of our hotel.

This kiddie speeder bike was for sale in the dealers' room. That's just cool. I wanted it.

A large roped-off area where people of all ages could whack at each other with lightsabers.

TFN JC Fanfic boards dinner.

Fanficcer group photo #2

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