Star Wars Celebration III
April 21-24, 2005
Indianapolis, Indiana

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A group of Tuskens by a model of Luke's landspeeder.

Awesome group of Tuskens.

Anakin takes on the Sandpeople.

Sandpeople 1, Anakin 0.

A group of stormies.


Somehow I always end up being the prisoner. It's either a commentary on my inability to get away or on the Imperials' inability to keep me in custody for any length of time.

A group of Royal Guards with the Emperor.

I'm mad at my camera for not getting a better picture of this cool shot.

Very cool starfighter hats. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the Y-wing I saw later that day.

Tim Zahn before his panel about his Outbound Flight book.

One of the most unique costumes I saw there--a Ralph McQuarrie concept stormtrooper.

Just a picture of the general mass of people in one of the corridors of the convention hall. And this was Sunday afternoon before the con closed.

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